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More stolen detectors !!

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More stolen detectors !!

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:33 am

Between 29/09/2011 and 30/09/2011 A Burglary occurred in Nottinghamshire where a total of 56 New Metal Detectors with a retail value in excess of £15,000 were stolen

Officer in Case Pc 3127 HOOPER
Any one who has any Information regarding these stolen Metal Detectors should contact the Officer in Case. sarahl.hooper@Nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

A full list of the stolen property is below.

Details of Stolen Metal Detectors
Crime Number BW/076581/11

Make Model 1 Model 2 New / display Serial Number
Minelab X Terra 305 Display 3704-0103
Minelab X Terra 305 New 10300-365
Minelab X Terra 305 New B6012638
Minelab X Terra 305 New B6013836
Minelab X Terra 705 Display B6025076
Minelab X Terra 705 New B6020755
Minelab X Terra 705 New B6013836
Minelab X Terra 705 New B6022185
Soveriegn GT New B6014583
Safari New B6004020
Safari New B6020346
E-Trac Display B6014016
E-Trac New B6031076
E-Trac New B6031153
E-Trac New B6029968
E-Trac New B6031025
Fisher F2 Display 10085484
Fisher F2 New 4106193
Fisher F5 Display 11095360
Fisher F5 New 1114981
Fisher F5 New 1114978
Fisher F5 New 104974
Fisher Goldbug Display 11101509
Fisher Goldbug New 11101513
Fisher F75 Display 4109525
Fisher F75 New 8106148
Fisher F75 New 4109516
Laser F75 Special Edition New 9106202
Laser Rapier plus Display 20905
Laser New 21569
Laser New 21571
Laser New 21609
Laser Hawkeye Display 21056
Laser Hawkeye New 21544
Laser Hawkeye New 21545
Tesoro Tejon New 186668
Tesoro Tejon Pro Upgrade New 188221
Tesoro Tejon Pro Upgrade New 188227
C-Scope CS3 MX Display 212829
C-Scope CS4 PI new 210545
XP ADX 150 New V6
XP ADX150 New V970
XP XP Goldmaxx Power Display Z843
XP XP Goldmaxx Power New AB072
XP XP Deus New 70190
XP XP Deus New 8238
Garrett ACE 150 Display 51210291
Garrett ACE 150 new 51210279
Garrett ACE 250 Display 50173521
Garrett ACE 250 New 51270710
Garrett ACE 250 New 51270709
Garrett ATPRO old style Display 51041887
Garrett ATPRO new style New 51051813
Garrett ATPRO old style New 51051872
Garrett ATPRO old style New 51051870
Garrett Euroace Display 50473162
Garrett Euroace new 51353220

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